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Volumetric Concrete Mixers
Am I Certified?What is a volumetric mixer?


Here To Help aims to help individual state Departments of Transportation, municipalities, engineers, and others learn about volumetric concrete mixers and how to meet the specifications for each state

State Specifications

Each state differs on allowances and requirements for DOT repair with volumetric mixers. Find out what your state says in this comprehensive, up-to-date section.

Meeting State Specifications

This is a question that we get frequently. We have all the answers that you need to make sure your volumetric mixer is ready for that DOT inspection.


States Where It’s Important To Check Your State’s Volumetric Concrete Mixer Specifications.


Up To 40% Cost Savings When Using Volumetric Mixers For Your Concrete Projects

Traffic Can Resume In As Quickly As 2 Hours When Using Fast-Setting Concrete On Roadways


Make Sure Your Volumetric Mixer is Within +/- 1% Accuracy

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